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LZF Swirl by Ray Power
19 April 2016

The NEW LZF Swirl pendant lamp by Ray Power

Swirl is an ingenious new suspension lamp designed by Ray Power for LZF Lamps. With a shape that is both studied and sculptural, Swirl strikes a handsome profile from every angle. At once elegant and enigmatic, Swirl excites the eye … more >

Heydar Alijev Center in Baku
12 April 2016

Zaha Hadid: Architecture’s Grande Dame

It is a plausible assertion that Zaha Hadid (1950 – 2016) was the only female architect the general public could name or recognise. Formidable, venerated and brilliant, she was indeed the architectural world’s grande dame. Zaha Hadid in her London office circa 1985. … more >

Sol table lamp by Jardan
31 March 2016

Designers and Makers Down Under

Designers, crafters and makers down under mean serious business, yet in actuality we (in the northern hemisphere) know little about them. Perhaps the sheer distance (from European and North American markets) is preventing the discovery of and education about Australian-made design. Or perhaps it … more >

Seidler house exterior
21 March 2016

Concrete and nature bond at the Harry and Penelope Seidler house 

The Harry and Penelope Seidler house is a perfect example of the close bond that can exist between concrete and nature. Nestled amid a cornucopia of lush Australian vegetation and ensconced upon a steep bushland site in Killara on Sydney’s … more >

The Zhang Zhidong and Modern Industrial Museum
16 March 2016

Daniel Libeskind: The People’s Architect

An architect of the people. A man of principle and integrity. Daniel Libeskind is known for his propensity to evoke cultural memory through architecture, creating expressive structures that resonate with distinctive meaning. Libeskind has asserted: “I am a believer in the expressive. … more >