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30 March 2015

Bloggers Tour Design: London illustrated

The recent London design blog tour enjoyed a keen-witted and quirky extra in the shape of an illustrated tour map by London-based commercial illustrator Zoë More O’Ferrall. A graduate of London’s University of the Arts and Central Saint Martins, Zoë’s commissions include … more >

Mindful Living
26 March 2015

The New Craftsmen & Mindful Living

Founded in 2012, The New Craftsmen is a veritable emporium of good British design. Working with a punctilious pick of some of the British Isles’ finest makers and crafters, The New Craftsmen represents a remarkable body of artisanal wares. Its … more >

BeoPlay H2 Linda Elmin
23 March 2015

The Pleasure of PLAY

To PLAY is to switch it ON. PLAY is pleasure, impulsive and eclectic, nuanced, profuse and carefree. PLAY is to breathe, expressing self, experiencing life in all of its senses. PLAY is quintessentially human, meaning different things to different people, its proclivities diverse and disparate. London, Notting Hill. Take … more >

Linda Elmin Nest
20 March 2015

Styling with

One of this writer’s best-loved online retail establishments is the Sheffield-based A stupendous emporium of good design, Nest was founded by Christian Hawley whose simple goal was to establish a superlative interiors store in the UK. With clear-cut intention, Hawley inaugurated … more >

Buster + Punch Linda Elmin I
19 March 2015

London calling: Blog Tour London

On the 5th March 2015, eight European design bloggers landed in London for the latest in a series of well-designed blog tours. Armed with the requisite tech and an insatiable appetite for good design, these eight design aficionados were ready … more >