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Bølling Tray Table
22 May 2015

DANISH™ & Re-Framing Danish Design

Danish design is indubitably held in high regard the world over, its numerous handsome forms giving aesthetic pleasure, functionality and emotional fulfilment to many people. In particular, products with genuine ‘Made in Denmark’ credentials are firmly coveted and esteemed. Danish designs are typically well-crafted with a … more >

WGD at mine iPad
20 May 2015

See you at{mine}

at{mine} is an exciting and fresh online community for home, interiors and design lovers whose members share insights of their lives. It’s a place where you will discover real interiors by real people, find inspiration, read anecdotes and stumble on … more >

The Golden Section Chair I
18 May 2015

Art Objectified: The Golden Section Chair

The Golden Section Chair is a design based upon the ancient Greek concept of the Divine Proportion or Golden Ratio. With a theory that was applied to the creation of such architectural masterpieces as the Taj Mahal and the Parthenon and … more >

German barn conversion by TKA
12 May 2015


Yatzer is a globally-minded online creative destination for the best in design, architecture, art, travel, photography and fashion. Its wealth of insight to and knowledge of the vast world of design is truly remarkable. Where design is “Yatzerized” you can be … more >

Blue glaze Duo lamp
7 May 2015

Liberating consumers: Folklore

In today’s consumeristic, exploitative, oversupplied and often chaotic retail sector, visiting a physical store is rarely a pleasurable undertaking. Many people who find themselves on a busy high street, somewhere, someplace, will doubtless encounter or witness various episodes of shopping mayhem, … more >