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Casa Wabi outside gallery view
8 February 2016

Tadao Ando: The Self-Educated Architect

Japanese architect Tadao Ando is a master of his craft. Ando’s reverent approach to each architectural commission is, in many ways, commensurate with Japan’s unique heritage: from the samurai ideals of respect, discipline and honor to the manners and customs governing Japanese society, Ando accomplishes his … more >

Egg and Swan
27 January 2016

New Pinterest board: Chairs

A well-designed chair has an inherent aesthetic quality, integrity and personality. It is never fashionable: a well-designed chair withstands the tyranny of trends and lasts for generations. There are many examples of well-designed chairs. In my opinion, they are a cornerstone of good design. Capturing my … more >

The three bears
22 January 2016

Tapping on my Achilles’ heel

What is your Achilles’ heel? New product additions by two Danish design houses firmly tap into mine. Lucie Kaas will soon launch its family of wooden bears, while Architectmade has launched its small wooden owl. Yes, I have a weak spot for beautifully crafted … more >

Vipp clip
21 January 2016

Clip by Vipp

Danish design house Vipp has launched a tool that cleverly enables one to clip, fasten and hang assorted articles. Named the Vipp clip, the new utensil is made with Vipp’s distinctive black powder-coated aluminium and is attached to a surface using either its rubber-covered magnet … more >

The Moomins mug designs
15 January 2016

Moomin mugs

I know that others find my love for the Moomins to be something of an anomaly. After all I typically write with a “masculine” bent and a focus on punctilious, urbane and urban design. Yet the Moomins have a particular sense of “cosy” … more >