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Trash your prejudice
28 August 2014

Trash your prejudice with Vipp

A brand that actively and outwardly supports LGBT equality is a brand that is ‘worth its salt’ and deserving of mention. Where that brand is one that you hold in high regard and whose products you value, its championing of LGBT … more >

27 August 2014

Opinion: What is the true value of a product?

There are people who consume products and there are those who value products. Can the individual who continually consumes, who is a supporter of irresponsible consumerism, be someone who truly values products, things, objects, design? Are their choices considered, conscientious, … more >

Coffee beans Kaffe O
26 August 2014

Perceive, proclaim, ponder

Perceive, proclaim, ponder. Images that are heartening, flirtatious, expressive, revelatory, astute. Images as: words | phrases | letters | numbers | colours | shades | impressions | feelings | things. The Monocle Guide to Good Business. Image © 2014 MONOCLE. Moominpappa. Photo © We Heart. … more >

Kaffe O sign
22 August 2014

Coffee: Doing it the Nordic way in Belfast

Belfast is finally experiencing something of a coffee revolution. Whilst many of the big coffee chains continue to have a firm grip on the market here, new independent coffee shops are staking a long overdue claim. A number of these … more >

Clapham Common Station
20 August 2014

Celebrating London’s hoods through art and design

London is without doubt one of my favourite cities. That vast metropolis was the place I called home for almost fourteen years. Yes it can be pretentious, tempestuous, exasperating, even sadistic, disturbing and isolating. Yet it is also vivacious, buoyant, … more >