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StudioIlse for De La Espada
31 July 2014

Nourishing design Mjölk

The NARA series pays homage to traditional Nordic design. NARA chair by Shin Azumi. Pictured in black stained ash. The serenity offered by creative calm and order is wholly appealing. Contemplate, if you will, the genteel nature of both straight lines and … more >

Penguin Pool
30 July 2014

Berthold Lubetkin: The visionary Russian modernist

Berthold Lubetkin: Architecture and the Tradition of Progress by John Allan. Image © 2014 Originally published in 1992 by RIBA publications, this tome on the work of Russian architect, Berthold Lubetkin, was smarted up and republished by Artifice Books in 2013. Berthold … more >

Brooks England Piccadilly Leather Backpack
29 July 2014

Some rather dapper backpacks

Backpacks have never looked so dapper. For the hipster, the dandy, even the lad, they are clearly hip, smart and functional. Whether you choose to sashay, stride, glide or swagger, with one of these handsome packs strapped to your back, you … more >

28 July 2014

Objekten Systems and the smart design revolution

Objekten Systems is the epitome of smart and essential design. The venture was established in 2011 by Brussels-based designer, Alain Berteau. Creating aesthetic, affordable design, Objekten’s products offer innovation, quality and convenience. Its company maxim speaks to what it considers the … more >

A day at the Roasting Shed
24 July 2014

The perfect coffee shop

A liberating coffee revolution has been in progress for quite some time now. I was first aware of it, perhaps ten years ago, in London. There was a point when I could no longer bear the meteoric rise of the … more >