20 February 2012

My Borgen Light Affair

If Danish marvel The Killing had you craving patterned jumpers, then in all likelihood its equally sensational and first-rate dramatic counterpart, Borgen, had you craving new lighting. The Borgen sets may have been somewhat chaotic and overly styled – I favour aesthetic order over disorder – but the lighting often took centre stage amidst the political and styling bedlam. Perhaps I’m being hypercritical; it’s just that my love affair with Danish design is based more on a contemporary, clean, uncomplicated and functional aesthetic.

That said, whenever you looked past some of the aforementioned styling chaos, there were plenty of design classics to be seen on Borgen. I loved the Swan™ chair in Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg’s house and the iconic PH Artichoke light (above) that hung in at least one of the parliamentary rooms.

Unquestionably, much of Danish furniture and product design is innovative, creative, excellently crafted, confident yet unobtrusive, cognisant of form and function and, quite simply, beautiful. It is for these reasons that I would prefer to give Danish design classics a much deserved centre stage, rather than place them in the background. As such, good styling is utmost and that would be my one criticism of Borgen.

Yet, as noted, the lighting in Borgen did often take its rightful centre stage and it gave a dazzling performance. Danish lighting designs are some of the best in the world, having been created by many of the world’s most illustrious designers – Arne Jacobsen, Poul Henningsen, Verner Panton and Hans J. Wegner.

When thinking about Borgen and ergo Danish lighting, I felt inspired to showcase some images from the venerable Danish lighting company, Louis Poulsen. With a lighting philosophy summed up in the words “function, comfort and ambience,” Louis Poulsen’s designs are timeless, clean and of the highest quality. Take for example the iconic PH Artichoke light – it was designed by Poul Henningsen in 1928 and over 80 years later, is unequivocal in its beauty and rightful place in many contemporary and modern spaces. Such lighting gems are often cherished, their presence in a room both notable and admired.

And so, I look forward to watching season 2 of Borgen and to the continuation of my onscreen light affair.

You can read a short piece on lighting and Borgen from The Guardian.

I hope you enjoy the following Louis Poulsen lights:

PH Snowball via Cloudberry

PH 50 via Louis Poulsen Light At Home

PH 5 – 4 ½  via Louis Poulsen Light At Home

PH 3/2 Table via Louis Poulsen Light At Home

AJ Table via Cloudberry

AJ Table via Louis Poulsen Light At Home

AJ Floor via Cloudberry

AJ Table and Floor via Louis Poulsen Light At Home

Panthella Table via Louis Poulsen Light At Home

OJ Table via Louis Poulsen Light At Home

Campbell 210 via Louis Poulsen Light At Home

LC Shutters, launched during Stockholm Design Week 2012, via Gertsen PR

Image at top: PH Artichoke via Sgustok Design

See more lighting from Louis Poulsen here.