24 February 2012

This is what I do; this is who I am

I can honestly say that with me, what you see and what you read, well it’s both true and very real. There’s no pretence, no elaborate story, no facade or posturing. I like to think I am the real deal, as far as the real me goes. The image I portray, my philosophy, the interiors I design, display and discuss, the products I write about and use, the words I choose… yes there is a certain element of planning around all of it, but I believe in everything I say, do and show. That integrity and sincerity is so crucial to my ethos, my “brand” and my being.

The interior design world, and design generally, is extraordinary, inspiring, passionate and imposing. Aesthetic means everything, appearance is utmost, style is a must and desire is absolute. All of this is true. All of this is central and significant. All of this is exciting, promising and challenging. I relish it, run with it and play with it. I enjoy the freedom to express my individuality, the power to be my own creation. Some people don’t… some people are playing a charade, hoping to get by with an act. This behaviour exists in every field and discipline. Finding your way through it, around it, past it, that’s what’s important.

I used to present to large and small groups of people in previous jobs. Often I would stand there and talk about “stuff”… usually something I didn’t care that much about, but I was being paid to say it, promote it, discuss it. I wasn’t feeling passion and I certainly wasn’t empowered. It was just a job, a way to get by. Eventually I woke up to the realisation that life is one chance, one opportunity to be whatever we hope to be, one moment in the grand scheme of things to try something that means something. I was surrounded by “yes” people and people playing games and I just wasn’t on the same level. Now I’m somewhere that I want to be… doing something that I’m passionate about, am genuinely good at, feel empowered by and derive great pleasure from.

Challenges still abound. We all have our good days and bad days. Moments that are thrilling, times that are tough. Maintaining a positive attitude is hard won for some, for others it’s a natural way of being. I try where possible to surround myself with positive people, caring people and beautiful things. This isn’t superficial, but rather my way of stepping through each day and approaching life, love and learning. I believe in the positive (though I may not always live it); I cherish what is beautiful (though I may not always find it). I thrive on order and everything in it’s place. I love to see both the bigger picture and the smallest detail. I like to be in control and to know that I can make a difference.

Interior design is like a philosophy of life. I think of interior design as a journey of exploration, discovery, fulfilment and living. Central to this journey are people, with all of their needs and aspirations. Without people to feel and enjoy it, interior design would be a futile venture. You take the person, you take the space, and you help them to imagine and realise a way of living and being that is true for them. I don’t care about fads and trends, if anything I think design suffers when it tries to reinvent itself every few months. For me, interior spaces aren’t fashion items… they aren’t spring, summer, autumn or winter collections. They’re real places, with real people and real things. With the right aesthetic, one that is unobtrusive, honest and long-lasting, a well designed interior space can be an anchor, a freedom of expression and a place of connection.

This is what I do; this is who I am.

Image credits:

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