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Hello, I’m Gerard. A writer, idealist and thinker.

Me (abridged): Writer, idealist and thinker. Punctilious, principled and curious. Design aficionado, urban explorer and devotee of pour-over coffee. Moustachioed, affable and introvert.

Writing is my vocation and design is my thing: ergo, I write about design. I have an educational background in psychology (MSc + BSc)—I believe that design can improve a person’s quality of life, not least in relation to their behaviour, well-being and surroundings. Moreover, my thinking is often guided by Dieter Rams’s ten principles for good design.

I have not pursued a conventional career path, remaining open-minded about my ambitions. Schooled in Belfast during the 1980s and 1990s, 'design' as a subject was generally odd and overlooked. I resided in London for a number of years and it was here that I observed the power and potential of good design (on me personally and on people universally). After a period of working in various professional roles in London—some fulfilling, others enervating—I set up a design blog called Walnut Grey Design. A successful venture, the blog would run its course after several years as I focused on writing in a professional capacity. Today, Walnut Grey Design epitomises the manner in which I write about design: my approach is one that values integrity, punctiliousness, reflection, diversity, humour and finesse.

Great design and travel are passions that excite my imagination and heighten my creativity. When travelling, I will always endeavour to combine the two. My favourite design cities include: Tokyo, Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Madrid and Kyoto.

The images that you see are a reflection of my character.

Gerard (aka Mr Walnut Grey).