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Gerard McGuickin
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Image credits:
‘You are here’. Photo by John Baker on Unsplash.
606 Universal Shelving System by Dieter Rams. Photo © 2017 Vitsœ via Wikimedia Commons.
CH07 Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner. Photo via Carl Hansen & Søn.
Milk Lamp by Norm Architects. Photo via &tradition.
Cactus. Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash.
Rainbow flag. Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash.
Galleri Monkey photo portrait. Photo © Kay Bojesen.
Pet Shop Boys ‘Nightlife’ cover. Photo © Pet Shop Boys Partnership.
Moomintroll by Tove Jansson. Image © Moomin Characters Oy Ltd.
Drip brew coffee. Photo by Thomas Martinsen on Unsplash.
Rosary and wine. Photo by Alina Sofia on Unsplash.
‘Buy less, choose well & make it last.’ Image via Minimalism Life.